Creative direction,
art & motion.

Hi, I'm Adam!

I help brands elevate their messaging & communication with engaging motion design.

The most successful animated content is built on a true understanding of the message and the audience. Working with you I seek to understand the objectives and desired outcomes, distill complex ideas into their essence, and explore visual directions to find the best solution.

The aim is always to craft delightful visuals that communicate your message in a clear, entertaining, and engaging way.

I work directly with brands and partner with studios and agencies to collaborate in creative problem-solving, concepting, design, and motion. I conceive and visualize forward-thinking ideas, build and lead teams of creatives, and set clear goals and objectives from conception to completion.

If you need help connecting the dots and figuring out the best way to get your message in motion, get in touch!

Some of the brands I've been lucky enough to work for
Some nice things people have said about me

Meg Bailey

Executive Producer

Zero VFX

Adam is that rare mix of extremely talented, reliable, and a great communicator.

He has a very versatile skillset which makes him well-suited for a variety of projects - but my favorite thing about him is his vision for creative.

He does very well in situations where visuals aren't quite nailed down. He can really interpret what a client is looking for and bring it to life.

Mark Ray

Chief Creative Officer


Adam  brings extraordinary talent as a motion designer and filmmaker to every project you throw at him.

When I needed top shelf creative and someone who understands how important it is to deliver high production values for big, global clients, Adam is tops on the list.

He also just happens to be a lovely, funny person with a smart, insightful point-of-view.

Chris Webster

Global Brand Studio Manager


Adam brings a high level of expertise and skill to any project he's a part of.

He's a key contributor in all phases of the creative process from initial concepts to final delivery.

A solid, reliable hard-worker who always produces at a high level. I would not hesitate to have Adam on any project.

Todd Neale

Vice President of Brand

Story Built

Adam is now my benchmark of any designer/animator I work with. His attitude and creative energy give momentum to any project.

Adam communicates to clients with sensitivity and candour, and is able to direct others with confidence.

When you have the chance to collaborate with someone who lifts your ideas as well as theirs, you, yourself are left higher by the experience.