Beau Cacao

Product Film


Sweet visuals flaunt Beau Cacao’s artisanal products.

Beau Cacao showcased their dark chocolate product line with style to their online followers and customers. The video highlighted their signature bar and reinforced their visual identity.

Beau Cacao is a small, devoted business that manufactures top-notch, handmade chocolate.

After their signature bar design was unlawfully replicated, they needed a way to firmly reassert it as their own. They wanted an elegant way to reclaim it as an integral part of their product identity.

I designed and animated a photo-real 3D product film that displayed their range of dark chocolates in a stylish and entertaining way.

The film celebrated their products and brand by unifying the bar, packaging, and visual identity. Its sophisticated look complemented the premium quality of the product while showcasing the details of the packaging and bar itself.

Beau Cacao used the film across all it’s social platforms.

Working directly with Beau Cacao I developed the strategy and concept, created 3D assets and animation. The sound design was brought to life by Jake Gill.

Elegantly simple, the idea was to put the product in the spotlight of the film. To achieve this, the details and lighting had to be dialed in. The playful animation kept the film engaging while showcasing the product's details. The sound design features tribal instruments creating a link to the origins of the cacao beans.