Gx Intro


Educating athletes on Gatorade’s future of sport fuel.

Gatorade engaged the public with an exciting demonstration of their new products and ecosystem creating awareness, and anticipation before their launch.

The Gx system was a new product category for Gatorade. A Complex smart system with multiple parts, which at the time had no established messaging.

Gatorade sought to announce the new system in an engaging way that educated the public on its use, explained the benefits it offered, and created hype.

I helped create a film that showed an overview of the system and outlined the process of creating a personalized fueling strategy.

Each component’s individual use and function were demonstrated highlighting its role in the system.

The film was initially shown at SXSW 2016, it continued to be a part of the Gatorade Fuel Lab which toured worldwide events for several years.

I partnered with Mode Adjust and Minimal Massive leading design and motion, contributing to art direction, animation direction, strategy, and script writing.

I designed and animated icons, patterns, fonts, and UI elements to enhance the visual storytelling of the product's features. This toolkit was also used by multiple agencies involved in the Fuel Lab project, ensuring a unified look and feel across the experience.