Renault / Microsoft

F1 RS19 Reveal


Animated vignettes take fans on a tour of F1 tech evolution.

Microsoft strengthened its brand association with Renault and F1 enthusiasts by demonstrating technology's vital role in the car's production.

More than a sponsor, Microsoft’s partnership with Renault F1 goes deep into research and development. A lot of this work is behind the scenes and under the hood.

To deepen the brand's trust with F1 enthusiasts Microsoft needed a way to demonstrate how their technology had become integral to the design and development of cars past and present.

I designed and animated a series of stylized vignettes with different period vintage looks to highlight the evolution of the cars and the tech involved.

These were used as cut-away moments in the edit of the reveal film, bridging the tease of the new car, archival footage and the present use of Microsoft's technology.

The film was shown at the launch event and online announcement of the new car.

I collaborated with Minimal Massive and CMD agency to create the launch film, leading the design exploration and animation production of the vignettes.

I used various techniques to emulate each era of production including sketching, drawing, and CAD design.

Camera pans, depth of field, texture, pixilation, and CRT screen effects were all utilized to add drama and dimension whilst conveying the technology of the time.