Nerf Ultra Amp


Immersive environments illustrate imaginative play.

Hasbro connected with kids far and wide via a vibrant world of imagination and inclusivity.

Lockdown meant that a lot of children’s routines were broken and their play spaces were no longer accessible.

Hasbro sought a way to reach children of all backgrounds whilst highlighting the unique features of Nerf Ultra AMP.

I designed a range of illustrated play areas and props with a minimal, comic-book aesthetic. These abstract, designated play spaces served as the stage for the live-action kids to act out their Nerf battle adventures.

The fantasy backdrops provided an environment accessible to all, thanks to the power of imaginative play.

The commercial was broadcast on TV to a wide international audience.

I created the environments and props using a combination of 3D and 2D techniques which were then projected back over 3D geometry and tracked into the final shots.

Working with Zero VFX and the in-house creative team at Hasbro I led creative discussions with the clients, oversaw the art direction and led the design. Additionally, I helped solve production workflows and animated several shots.