Soccer USA Kit


Dramatic showcase of details and innovation.

Nike’s innovation team proudly presented their feature-rich, engineered kit to Nike execs and employees.

After years of development and research, the innovation team at Nike wanted to present their work in a thoughtful and inspiring way.

As the presentation would include key executives and the entire Nike team, the innovation team needed a way to showcase their work that would do it justice and leave a lasting impression.

Driven by the client's music choice, I crafted several dramatic scenes with sweeping camera movements to emphasize the details and features of the kit. The film tells the story of each component of the kit, utilizing animated effects, lighting, and editing to create an artistic and impressive showcase.

The film was used internally at Nike’s headquarters for a major presentation with key stakeholders.

I worked with Mode Adjust and Nike’s innovation team as creative director, art director, and animation director. I was responsible for constructing the scenes, creating the visual aesthetic, texturing, lighting, and editing.

After collaborating with a sketch artist and creating an animatic, I identified the key poses that needed to be highlighted for each feature. The innovation team provided dressed avatars that matched the specifications, which I then textured and lit. Engineered components, such as venting and stretching seams, were gracefully detailed by the camera's flowing movements.