Always Classic


Retro visuals illustrate that classic is a state of mind.

Graphic overlays and dynamic transitions create energy and cohesiveness, helping Reebok Classics reach a new generation.

Reebokā€™s Always Classic campaign consisted of print and videos featuring popular figures from art, music, and fashion.

Staying true to the heritage brand whilst also being current, Reebok where looking for a way to elevate the style, tone, and pace of the videos in a way that captures the energy and themes of the print campaign.

I created a number of dynamic transitions to add energy and guide viewers through the narrative and reflect the youthful energy of the talent.

The film was further enhanced with custom-made graphic overlays featuring elements of the Reebok Classic brand visuals and campaign assets. Inspired by Super 8 film reels and classic cinematography, these were updated with neon colors for a modern twist. Film grain, light leaks, and lens flares completed the vintage cinematic treatment.

The results transformed the various shots into a polished set of campaign films that reached the youth market through multiple social media channels.

I worked with Lucky Day and Roundhouse, leading motion design for the video campaign.

I was responsible for all graphic treatments. I designed and animated the transitions and film effect overlays including leader counters, grease pen scrolls, neon film scratch plus the title cards, end cards, and logo animations.